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2021-2022 Pre K Registration for Seventh Ward

Seventh Ward Elementary

Vermilion Parish Schools 2021 – 2022 Pre-K Round-Up

PreK Registration information to download

Families who want to register their child for pre-k for the 2021 – 2022 school year will need to secure an appointment for round up for their first choice of the schools listed below.

Appointments can be made by typing into your web browser your school of choice’s web address.

******Sign up link for appointments for Seventh Ward Elementary is @

Once you get on the web site, Sign Me Up Genius.Com will provide a calendar list with available appointment times to choose from. Please contact Ms. Thomas by email at early.learning@ to change a scheduled appointment time.

At Round Up You Will Need:

1. Your child

2. The completed registration packet

3. All registration documents- found on registration requirements page.

If the packet is incomplete or you are missing documents at round-up, then you will be provided another appointment in the future to complete registration.

Seventh Ward Elementary PreK Registration is March 26, 2021 at the Vermilion Parish School Board Office- Charles Campbell Building. (Due to the COVID situation, this is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!)

For more information, contact: Lola Vallaire-Thomas Office: (337) 740 – 5905 or Email:

For all Parish PreK Registration Information, go to the Vermilion Parish Page @

Click the “Departments” tab. Then pass your cursor over the “Early Childhood” tab. Several drop down topic options will show up. Click the tabs for specific information.

NOTE: This is for PREK. The Kindergarten registration will be a different date. More information about that will be posted soon.